The Benefits of Infrared

“Twice the Flavor in Half the Time” isn’t just a catch-phrase, it’s a fact with Solaire infrared technology. These grills will produce food to rival anything you’ve ever tasted, in a fraction of the time you’re used to spending.

More Flavorful Food
Intense direct heat enhances natural flavor for succulence and taste that rival the finest steakhouses.

More Efficient
Solaire infrared burners are ready to grill in just 3 minutes and cook twice as fast as traditional burners.

More Convenient
With shorter grilling times, grilling can become part of your everyday lifestyle, not just a weekend event. And since infrared heats food directly, not the air around it, grilling year-round, even in frigid weather, is no problem.

Fewer Flare-ups
Because there is no secondary heat element to trap grease, flare-ups are virtually eliminated. Drippings instantly vaporize, adding a great natural flavor to your food.

Grill anything like a pro, from steaks to seafood, chops and vegetables.

Charcoal-like Grilling with no Hassle
Get the great flavor of an intensely-hot charcoal fire with the control, convenience and consistency of gas.

The Solaire infrared burner features nearly 20,000
gas ports in a specially-engineered ceramic radiant.

Not sure if you're ready to go "all infrared?"
Our InfraVection series grills offer the best
of both worlds, making them the industry's
most versatile units. Click to learn more...

Solaire Infrared Grills were featured on the Food Network Show Unwrapped.  Order your free DVD for a great insight into the quality construction of Solaire Grills and the benefits of infrared grilling.

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