Solaire Access Doors

Complete your built-in installation with a set of access doors, designed to perfectly match your grill. The doors are made of the same quality stainless steel construction and materials as our grills, and feature solid polished stainless steel handles and an integral storage shelf on the inside back of each door.

Two styles in three sizes are available, a 30” door pair, a 42" door pair and a 21" single door. Cut-out sizes can be found here.

Doors with 2.5" stand-off are shown above (42" and 21")

Below are Flush-Mount Doors (21", 30", and 42", left to right)



Item #

21" Single Access Door - 2.5" Stand-off


30" Access Door Pair - 2.5" Stand-off


42" Access Door Pair - 2.5" Stand-off

21" Single Access Door- Flush Mount SOL-FMD-21
30" Access Door Pair- Flush Mount SOL-FMD-30
42" Access Door Pair- Flush Mount SOL-FMD-42

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