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We Challenge Consumer Reports
to a $25,000 in Gold bet!

 We bet Consumer Reports $25,000 in gold that we can show their 2008 grill test/review to be bunk!

Consumer Reports’ June 2008 issue, five page article titled Gas Grills (subtitled Safety Counts) brags “Our experts spent months searing steaks, grilling chicken and cooking salmon on 37 grills.”   “To it we say bunk!”  -- Rett Rasmussen, Vice President, Solaire Infrared Grills.

We Challenge Consumer Reports to a $25,000 bet In Gold

“We don’t think Consumer Reports knows what they are talking about concerning real full-power infrared grills. We bet them $25,000 bet in Gold we will prove them wrong in a shoot out comparison with any of the grills they tested in their article from a cold start to a finished steak against our least powerful production patio grill.  This is one of several Solaire infrared grill models that fit into the price range they tested for their article. We will prove there is a difference between Consumer Reports’ so called ‘buzz’ infrared comment (paragraph below) and conventional grills when compared to our full-power infrared grill.  And, for that matter we further challenge Consumer Reports’ opinionated quotes concerning infrared grilling too.” --Rett Rasmussen

Consumer Reports states “… our tests repeatedly found that more Btu don’t guarantee faster heating or better cooking.  Many grill makers have turned to infrared technology to create buzz.  But infrared is just another way of saying indirect heat…‘”  Consumer Reports then goes on to say “None of these infrared technologies was better than the others, nor did infrared outperform regular grilling.”   

A disservice to the grill industry and consumers alike:

"It appears Consumer Reports tested inefficient or inferior grills with infrared features which, according to them, are there ‘to create buzz.’  Using Consumer Reports’ test results to arrive at the overall generality they did about infrared technology (quoted above) is a disservice to consumers.  It’s like comparing an old technology 1930 Ford to a 1930 Chevy and concluding that since a 2008 Ferrari is also a car it will perform no better than the old technology 1930 cars. Solaire is the Ferrari of BBQ grills.”  -- Ray Vavla, National Sales Manager“

Background: Interestingly enough Consumer Reports did NOT include Solaire Infrared Grills in their review.  Rasmussen Iron Works, manufacturer of Solaire Infrared Grills is a 101 year old family owned firm in the hearth and grill business producing (in America) the world’s most powerful and environmentally friendly infrared gas grills.  Solaire makes premium grills designed from the ground up to optimize infrared technology.  Solaire grills are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada by specialty hearth and BBQ grill dealers.

 ** Solaire Owners (Consumers) Respond **




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