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Solaire Grill Owners Respond to Consumer Reports Assertions

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Consumer Reports’ June 2008 issue, states “… our tests repeatedly found that more Btu don’t guarantee faster heating or better cooking.  Many grill makers have turned to infrared technology to create buzz.  But infrared is just another way of saying indirect heat…‘”  Consumer Reports then goes on to say “None of these infrared technologies was better than the others, nor did infrared outperform regular grilling.”   

In Florida I have your grill and up north I have a conventional grill, a very good one from Vermont Castings.  There is no comparison.  Your grill cooks at least 3 times as fast and seals in the flavor and juices.  It is the greatest thing I have ever cooked on and I love it.
--Graham L., North Port, FL

 I own a Solaire infrared gas grill and I would never return to other manufacturers.  It cooks the most delicious foods one can imagine!  The direct grill sears steaks on high gas flow for one minute and then delightfully cooks the rest on low gas flow.  However, the rotisserie provides the most juicy roasts of meat and poultry.  One has to try it before judging!
-- Ian B., Victoria, B.C., Canada

I saw the cr*p from Consumer Reports.  The Solaire is the best grill I have ever used--period.  Everyone that comes to my house for dinner says the same thing.  Everything is simply better on the Solaire.  Chicken breasts are awesome.  My wife prefers my steaks to Morton's or Ruth's Chris (and she's not just being nice!).  Corn on the cob can't be beat!  Bison burgers--simply the best.  The quality construction and simply the pure heat generated from this grill cannot be beat by anything.  The grills CR must have tested are pure copycats, claiming to offer infrared.  It is like Hyundai copying the design of BMW.  You get what you pay for.  I learned that lesson a long time ago.

Thanks for building such an awesome piece of equipment!
-- Steve W., Chesterfield, MO

We purchased a Solaire Grill (since I'm not the grill meister, I'm not sure what model it is, but it is a regular full size grill) when we built our house about 2 years ago.  When we were shopping for grills, the store we ultimately purchased from loaned us the portable model to test out.  The first thing we grilled was nice thick tuna steaks.  They were the best tuna steaks we have ever had!  Even compared to what we grill today, those were still the best, simply because it was (for us) such a different and superior method for grilling and it was the first time we had used the infrared technology at home.  I wouldn't go back to a conventional grill for anything!

-- Jill S., Goochland, VA

I've used various BBQ Grills for over 40 years, both charcoal and gas fired.  I can say without a doubt that the Rasmussen Solaire Grill is the finest grill I have ever owned or operated.  It is as, or more, effective than a hot charcoal grill in searing the meat quickly.  The technique obviously will usually require a quick sear over the intensely hot infrared burners, followed by either decreasing the heat for the duration of the cooking time, moving the meat over one of Solaire's standard grill burners, or using the grill as an oven to complete the "roasting" of the meat to the desired degree of doneness with indirect heat. This is the same approach as searing meat in an oven proof skillet on a hot cooktop, and then completing the roasting in an oven.

If infrared cooking of meat is not effective, why do nearly all famous Steak Houses employ the technique? Unless the infrared burners can generate a temperature of 1100° or more, a grill can't offer the benefits of the infrared, and Solaire certainly matches or surpasses that goal.  Time to reach full heat initially (since it is direct) is in a matter of only a few minutes.  Immensely faster than a charcoal grill.  Because of the intense direct heat, the biggest adjustment with this grill is to make sure the food is not overcooked.

Living on the water in southwest Florida, I also appreciate the fact that with the entire grill being "truly" Stainless Steel, it is not rusting within a year like other grills I have owned and kept on my outdoor Lanai.  I would never go back to my older style grills, and applaud Rasmussen's Solaire Grill for giving me a real winner!
--Peter F., Marco Island, FL

Food & Beverage International has been using Solaire’s infrared grill for close to five years now. When it comes to cooking fresh meats and seafood, infrared technology, we personally wouldn’t use any other kind of heat. It is definitely faster. Our steaks get a wonderful char, and the insides are pink and juicy. It depends on what you want. Want fall off the bones ribs? Don’t use the infrared grill. Use a smoker, and keep a low temperature.

We have taken the Solaire grill to farmers markets where rib eye steaks cook up in under 5 minutes, and the lines are around the corner for seconds. People line up around the grill and ask for explanations as to how the heat system works. We forget how much faster it is when we go to someone else’s house with our high quality steaks and we have to use their grill.  The flavor from the meat doesn’t come through as much once it hits the plate, and it takes 20 minutes or so just to cook a steak.  Additionally, it comes off with that gray color on the outside that is unappealing.

I personally think the problem is that there are a lot of inferior infrared products out there, and that Consumer Reports may have worked with some systems that weren’t either hooked up right, or had broken parts.  We our extremely fussy about our methods of cooking, and we are completely sold on the infrared cooking methods, and love love love our Solaire grill.  You also have to be careful when you clean the parts.

People have come to think that we are great cooks, here at Food and Beverage International.  We just know how to pick out great ingredients, use great cooking equipment, and keep it simple. Solaire infrared heat technology keeps it simple for us.  We need that.

We use our Solaire infrared grill for all of our every day cooking, have been doing it for 5 years, and would never switch.

-- Ellen Walsh, Food and Beverage International, Santa Rosa, CA

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