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Solaire Grill Owners Respond to Consumer Reports Assertions - Page 2

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Consumer Reports’ June 2008 issue, states “… our tests repeatedly found that more Btu don’t guarantee faster heating or better cooking.  Many grill makers have turned to infrared technology to create buzz.  But infrared is just another way of saying indirect heat…‘”  Consumer Reports then goes on to say “None of these infrared technologies was better than the others, nor did infrared outperform regular grilling.”   

 I am writing to you in reference to the absolutely false statements made by Consumer Reports. The Grill that I have is Model SOL-IRBQ-27GXL. I have been a grill chef for 20 yrs & have never cooked on an infrared burner before the purchase of the Solaire.The grill heats up quicker, the sear is much faster & that produces a better flavor due to the Maillard principle, which for the inexperienced people at Consumer Reports, is the browning of the meat proteins. "It's why we Grill !!!!" They even show more of their stupidity in their statement  "But infrared is just another way of saying indirect heat"  This statement is completely untrue & shows more of their lack of cooking knowledge. Indirect heat is when you do not have the food product directly over the heat, ie: shutting off a burner or two & placing the food product over the burners that are turned off & allowing a very slow cooking or smoking process to take place. The infrared burners are not intended to be used as an indirect heating process. In the end you'll win the bet hands down due to the superior product of Solaire Grills.  Here's my bet !!!  Consumer Reports won't even take your bet because they know they are DEAD WRONG & would look foolish at the contest. Mr. Rasmussen keep up the great work of producing unsurpassed quality. The professionals in the culinary field appreciate your dedication.
Thank you,
-- Darryl L., Port St. Lucie, FL

Our new Solaire Grill is fantastic!!! It took us a couple of times getting use to the cooking time, but like any new range or oven, consumers need to get to know their appliances.  Last night we had the best lamb chops that we have ever had…marinated them in bottled Coke and Bar-B-Que sauce with fresh herbs from my patio garden.  They were done just perfect in less than five minutes. 

The grill is the best we have had in over 50 years of marriage and the only thing that my husband cooks is on the grill!  The technology is from the future and we have given two more grills to our children.  We are a three Solaire Grill Family!  Thank you Rasmussen Company.

Consumer Reports hires writers who do not know what they are writing about and no one can challenge them.  Too bad one publication is considered an expert on everything. 
-Mary C., Vienna, VA

Every time we would visit the store and they were doing a demonstration, my husband would drool.  So I purchased this Solaire Infrared Grill (AGBQ-27GIR) as a gift for our 40th wedding anniversary.  Thank you for making me the best wife!  The gift was a big hit!
-- Patty Y., Sugarcreek, OH


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